Family Law Done Differently.

As specialist family solicitors, our only focus is on helping clients to resolve their family law issues. Whether you are dealing with child arrangements, domestic abuse, the involvement of social services or any other family issue, we are here to help you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.


Solicitors advice is synonymous with being difficult to understand. This reflects the complexities of our legal system which you maybe unfamiliar with. We provide simple, sincere and straightforward advice. This helps you to understand your options and make informed choices. 


We sell advice. The quality of our advice is only as good as our Solicitors. Our Solicitors are therefore experienced in family law to ensure we provide a good quality of service. We are also members of several quality schemes which audit us to ensure we complete regular training and adhere to best practices. 


Solicitors advice is also synonymous with being expensive. We do not aspire to charge clients an hourly rate which is similar to what an average person earns in two or three days at work. Our standard hourly rate is £200 per hour. We offer Legal Aid and discounts (at our discretion) to those clients who are close to but not eligible for Legal Aid. This allows more clients to get the family law advice they need. You can find out more on our funding page.


Traditional Solicitors work when you are also at work. This makes accessing advice difficult. Given the nature and urgency of family law, we work flexibly beyond the 9 to 5. We reserve the ability to charge privately funded clients an out of hours rate, +50% on our usual fees, which is still very competitive to the fees of most Solicitors. We do not take calls from Legal Aid clients outside the 9 to 5 but may still work on their matter, reply to emails and or make calls as required by their matter.


We are a firm rooted in Somerset. We have offices in Taunton and hold regularly surgeries in Minehead and Yeovil. We also partner with local charities who share our values, such as helping the victims of Domestic Abuse. This allows you to access advice without the added stress of making long journeys.


We embrace technology. This means you have control over your matter and greater access to advice. For instance, we use Microsoft Teams for virtual consultations, FormEvo for online collaborative form drafting and Veriphy for taking ID remotely. We’ve selected this software as it is intuitive to use and secure to protect your confidentiality. This use of technology allows us to help clients throughout the country.

What our clients are saying

“Amie and Joseph’s support was amazing throughout, very approachable and professional.”

99% of our clients would recommend us to family and or friends. *

* Based on feedback received in end of matter surveys sent to all clients.

Our accreditations and memberships

We are Specialist Quality Mark Hold Contracted with the Legal Aid Agency as well as:

Calder Mullis Family Solicitors, members of Resolution.
Calder Mullis Family Solicitors, members of Cyber Essentials.
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