Getting Divorced or Separating

If you are married, you can initiate the divorce process after one year of being married. The ground for divorce is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. From April 2022, divorces can be based upon no fault and the parties to a marriage can now jointly apply for divorce. There could be many reasons why you do not wish to divorce and it may be that judicial separation is the right route for you.

If your civil partnership has broken down, it may be that you would wish for this to be dissolved. 

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, there may be issues to resolve on your separation such as ownership of property and or child contact.

Separating from a partner is often a difficult decision and an emotionally challenging experience. We can help you through this experience by providing advice and support, and making the necessary arrangements for you.

How we can help

Divorce is now dealt with online through the MyHMCTS portal. We can submit your divorce using this portal and guide you through the process of obtaining a conditional order and then a final order.

Not married or in a civil partnership?

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, sometimes it can be as straightforward as sending a Solicitor’s letter to the other side with an offer which can then either be negotiated or agreed upon. If this is not successful, then mediation may be appropriate. However, this would not be appropriate if, for example, there has been domestic abuse. If mediation is not appropriate or an agreement cannot be reached at mediation, then a court application may be necessary, We will carefully consider your options with you and agree the right course of action for you.

Meet our team

Our team meet clients to advise on Divorce and Seperation throughout Somerset and are available for free initial consultations:

Funding advice for your Divorce or Separation

We offer different funding options to clients, depending on their eligibility. They are Legal Aid funding or privately funded.

What is Legal Aid and eligibility

We offer Legal Aid which is where HM Government fund part or all of your legal advice or provide you with a discount dependent on eligibility requirements. Legal Aid is available to victims of domestic abuse if the perpetrator is your spouse or ex-partner. It is also means tested. We can help advise you on the possible sources of finance for your matter.

Self funding your advice

We charge a £400 (terms and conditions apply) fixed fee for obtaining a no fault divorce. We charge £200 per hour for advising on a separation. We always give a fee estimate. Additional costs may be incurred and are our detailed on our funding page.

Free initial consultation for new clients

We offer prospective clients with a free initial consultation. This is done via a phone call. We also offer legal surgeries in Yeovil where you can also drop in for a free initial consultation. At these free consultations,  we will discuss your legal position, suggest possible solutions and explore funding solutions. This includes assessing if you are eligible for Legal Aid funding or we will provide you with a fee estimate. Please note these consultations are up to 20 minutes long and do not include us advising you.

Come and meet us

We offer advice on Divorce and Separation throughout Somerset:

Calder Mullis Family Solicitors provide Legal Surgeries in Minehead.
Calder Mullis Family Solicitors are based in Taunton.
Calder Mullis Family Solicitors provide Legal Surgeries in Yeovil.

Family law done differently.

As specialist family solicitors, our only focus is on helping clients to resolve their family law issues. Whether you are dealing with child arrangements, domestic abuse, the involvement of social services or any other family issue, we are here to help you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

  • Straightforward. We provide simple and sincere advice.
  • Quality. Advice is provided by skilled and experienced solicitors.
  • Affordable. We offer Legal Aid and affordable private rates.
  • Accessible. We work outside the 9 to 5 as needed by our clients.
  • Local. Access in Taunton and surgeries in Minehead and Yeovil.
  • Progressive. We embrace technology inc. meeting via Teams.

Our accreditations and memberships

We are Specialist Quality Mark Hold Contracted with the Legal Aid Agency as well as:

Calder Mullis Family Solicitors, members of Resolution.
Calder Mullis Family Solicitors, members of Cyber Essentials.
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